Chocolate CRAVE Perfume delights the senses with its rich, complex and unforgettable chocolate aroma.  Its scent will remind you why, since chocolate’s discovery by the Aztecs, it has been revered as a food of the gods, a medicine, an aphrodisiac, a powerful antioxidant, a mood elevator and one of the most complex compounds found on Earth.

Chocolate CRAVE Perfume is a superior quality ‘eau de parfum’ that includes natural extracts, essential oils and is in a natural oil base. All of Chocolate CRAVE Perfume’s components are proudly made and assembled in the U.S.A., except for the bottle which is Italian.

Today more than ever, giving back is needed to help so many people and the very earth on which we all live. Chocolate CRAVE Perfume wants to not only bring a bit of happiness by offering a great unique scent which can surround us and become a part of our everyday lives, but do more.

The sale of every bottle of Chocolate CRAVE Perfume will support only causes that will help us all. Chocolate CRAVE Perfume promises that no charitable donations will support political causes or support a partisan agenda.

Together Chocolate CRAVE Perfume and its supporters will make the world a better place.

Updates of charities supported and the good that Chocolate CRAVE Perfume is able to achieve will be posted on Facebook and other social networks. Please follow along and spread the word of the great things that we can do together.

Thank you for your purchase and support.


Chocolate CRAVE Perfume, Inc.

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